Novozymes rethink tomorrow. We innovated their employer branding.

Attracting new talents

Novozymes experienced challenges attracting the most talented employees and needed to create a distinct position in a demanding and competitive job market.
How do you innovate and stand out in order to attract the biggest talents? We delivered an employer branding strategy that emphasized the authentic strengths of Novozymes and fulfilled the visions in an innovative and creative exhibition stand.

Understanding the brand

In order to position Novozymes in the competitive job market we needed to explore the strengths of the organization. We mapped out the organizational culture and defined Novozymes authentic strengths in order to create the most effectfull strategy and attract talents.

Through this mapping it became clear that Novozymes has a strong reflexive authenticity, which evolves around strong values towards sustainable industrial production. This became one of the focuses in the three scenarios we created in the development of Novozymes employer branding. 

We chose Stagis because it was crucial for us to work with an innovative agency, who dared to break the boundaries for how an exhibition stand could be understood and presented Birgitte Gade
Director of Organizational Development, Novozymes

The strategy

We created three scenarios and showed different ways of conceptualizing employer branding and the authentic strenghts of Novozymes. The first scenario evolved around the products of Novozymes and the second focused on the international culture of novozymes, and suggested a worldwide talent-program, where the biggest talents were to be involved in actual, professional challenges already at the first meeting between the potential employee and Novozymes.

Novozymes chose the third scenario which emphasized their strong beliefs and visions regarding sustainability as an authentic strength. Stagis created an innovative employer branding strategy that highlighted how Novozymes can become attractive to future employees by focusing on how they make a difference by implementing nature and environmental considerations in industrial production.


Designing the stand

We created an exhibition stand that symbolized the authentic strengths of Novozymes, and our goal was to make these strengths clear to potential employees by visualizing how nature becomes a part of the production industry. We brought nature and innovation into the exhibition stand and the branding of Novozymes by creating the following elements:

  1. Sky in the ceiling
  2. Tree integrated in bench
  3. Grass through floor and wall
  4. Oblique angles on furniture and walls

The elements were designed to highlight how nature is a part of Novozymes, and how they make a difference in an industry that typically do not consider the environment.

These elements underline how Novozymes rethink tomorrow – presenting an untraditional exhibition stand and thereby attracting talents who think untraditionally.

The grass breaking through from the concrete symbolize and visualize how new ideas are breaking through and also how the environmental considerations are becoming a part of an otherwise very conventional production industry. This element is inforced both by the fig-tree and by the sky in the ceiling reminding the viewer how conventional industrial production affects our environment by releasing CO2. We made this element more effective by designing a sky in movement: a film with a real sky in natural movement played through out the exhibition to underline the feeling of being in the nature.

The entire exhibition stand is designed in oblique angles which follows through in the furniture design which is special designed to live up to Novozymes brandguide but at the same times visualizes the oblique and innovative thoughts on the future that characterizes the brand Anne Schourup-Kristensen
Designer, Stagis

The execution

We build the entire exhibition stand to make sure that everything looked great and functioned to perfection – and we handled the practicalities in order to let the employees of Novozymes focus on being available for the talents to ask for information.

In order to create a strong signal for Novozymes we produced the elements in materials and colors that complimented the design. We build, painted and used a specific floor that looked like concrete in order to create the industrial feeling in contrast to the natural elements to make sure that Novozymes vision became clear.

The exhibition stand was used on multiple occasions: At a big national career fair and at the Technical University of Denmark, where Novozymes had the oppertunity of attracting the biggest talents.